Text Box: The donation fund drive for the Historical Marker was a complete SUCCESS!!!  We reached our funding goal, and the program is nearly complete.  The marker has been constructed, and shipped to the regional history center here in Pittsburgh.  During the next few weeks, it will be installed on the site.  Our dedication plans are complete, and are outlined as follows:

TUESDAY, JULY 11th, 2000

A bus will depart the Super 8 Motel (details below) at EXACTLY 9AM for the site.  The ceremony will start at 10AM, and last about one hour.  The bus will then proceed to the Gulf Building in Pittsburgh for a short tour, and then to the Research Facility in Harmar.  If time permits, we will go on to New Kensington and visit a working 50’s Ice Box Gulf Station.  The day will end with a a cook-out, if enough guys stick around.

Here’s the scoop:  The bus holds a maximum of 15 people, in air conditioned comfort.  IF more than 15 are there, we will need to use a larger bus.  No problem, except the larger bus does NOT have A/C.  Soooo, if it’s toasty, as it just might be, we will be in the big bus with our heads hanging out the windows!!  ANYWAY, we need to know how many are coming.  PLEASE email or call GARY DAWSON, or BOB BECK and state your intentions to attend.

MOTEL:  The “Official” motel is HARMAR LANDINGS SUPER 8.  This is a brand new facility, and we have a rate of $46 plus tax!!  You need to call:  412-828-8900, and tell them you are reserving a room in the block with ROBERT BECK. (Rooms are for Mon. 7-10-00) They don’t use fancy numbers, just go by the name of the person who set it up.  If you don’t want to make a long distance call, then email me, and I will call for you. ROOMS MUST BE GUARANTEED BY JULY 1st, OR THEY WILL BE RELEASED.  Call now!!

Plan on leaving for home no earlier than 5PM.  We should be able to finish our planned activities, and eat something by then.  If several guys are sticking around, then we may venture to my place for a tour of “The Cave”, which is the nickname for my little feeble attempt at a collection.

We did it!!!!Text Box: NOTE:  Those who contributed to the marker fund will be listed and acknowledged in the next issue of the Gulfpride.  You know who you are,  Thank you!!!