Text Box: As you all know, at he corner of Baum Blvd. and St. Clair St. in Pittsburgh, in Dec. of 1913, Gulf opened the World’s First Drive-in Service Station.  Today, this site is a parking lot for a very exclusive apartment building called The Artist Lofts.  We have applied to the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission for the placement of a marker next to the lot, showing everyone that Gulf Refining Company was there!  The application process is complete, (Each application is 12 pages long, including the app, and supporting documents and photographs) which includes submitting 17 copies, 15 to the commission, and 1 each to the Senator and Legislator for that district.  We should hear back about our nomination sometime in March of 2000.  The cost of the marker, will be approximiately $1200 which we will need to raise.  I hope we can get this from corporate sources.  Anyone with connections, and or fundraising ideas, please contact Gary Dawson so he can get things rolling.  Also note, that if we are nominated, there will be a dedication ceremony at the site.  Public officials, and invited guests will be in attendance.  This means YOU.  Start planning on a trip to “The ‘Burgh” sometime late in 2000.  We will work out all the details when and if it happens.  Stay tuned ..... film at 11 !!!
Donations...Text Box: Yea, I know, I hate that word too!!  Everybody has their hand out these days.  But....  In the last Gulfpride, I told you about the poster that we made and presented the Drake Well Museum in Titusville.  Well, the curator from the museum called me.  She again thanked us for the token, and then asked if we could come up with some Gulf items to put in their display.  With Quaker State closing, they got a bunch of their stuff, but do not want to make it a QS museum.  She would like to have some other stuff, and feels that Gulf would be an excellent addition.  (I agree!!)  I plan to get together a few pieces, and would like to see some others do the same.  Keep in mind, that the GOHS is going to ask for a piece or two for our own auction soon.  I guess the best way to do it, would be for me to get a list going, of who will donate what, so they don’t end up with any dups.  Please let me know what you want to give them, and I will put a list together.  Once it seems complete, we can ship the stuff direct to them.  Remember, they are a 501-C-3, so the donation IS tax-deductable!!
GOHS Items for saleText Box: The best way to support the GOHS, is to invest in the items that are offered for sale to benefit the society.  Currently the following are available:

GOHS Golf Shirts, silk-screened logo, top quality, $20 eaach plus $3.20 shipping
GOHS Ball caps, made in USA quality, logo direct embroidered on front, $12 each plus $3.20 shipping
Above items are available from Gary Dawson.  Make payable to GOHS, and send direct to him.  Shipping can be combined on multiple items.

The following are available from the GOHS office:
Reprints:  Gulfpride: $10 ea,  Updates: $3 ea, Butch Koff articles: $5 ea,  By-Laws: $3 ea
GOHS Decals: $5 ea
Text Box: THE TREASURER’S REPORT     12-3-99


     Income included for this report is entirely derived from our Auction, Charter Member Donations, Dues, and Advertising payments. Expenses are the costs associated with publishing the Newsletter and Updates, postage, PO Box Rental, misc. supplies and the purchase of Shirts for our fundraising effort.
     As of this date we have sold 16 Shirts and 8 Hats. Those payments have not yet been posted to our account. ( We are in the process of changing Banks ) The Club makes $5.00 on each shirt, and when all 60 shirts are sold the purchase price plus $300 will return to the Club account. SO...... Lets hope most members will buy at least one! SUPPORT YOUR CLUB!
     A full accounting of all Club monies is provided at each annual meeting or upon request in writing to the Treasurer.
Respectfully Submitted,
Gary A. Dawson
Treasurer, GOHS
Text Box: OOPS.... At least TWICE so far, I have mistakenly typed MY zip code in place of the GOHS zip code. Please correct any records you may have, to show the GOHS zip of 15065-0044   Thanks, Bob (Butthead)