Text Box: The first annual meeting of the Gulfoil Historical Society was held at the Lennox Inn, Columbus Ohio, in conjunction with the petro show held there annually.
The meeting was called to order by Buzz Houston, acting Vice-President, at approximately 12 Noon, June 19, 1999.  There were 14 members present, out of 40 total members, thus a quorum was present, and the voting procedure was valid. (35% present, 25% required for quorum).  The beginning of the meeting was a brief discussion, member by member, of their individual background and interests in Gulf.
During the proceedings, Don Gatts provided some trivia questions as entertainment.
Bob Beck, acting Secretary, provided details on the formation of the society.  Included in this explanation, were the details of the rejection by Chervon USA to our formal application for recognition.  No formal vote was taken, however it was said that we were going to continue as planned, making sure that we did nothing to formally violate the trademark laws. No opposition from the membership was observed.  Discussion was also had on the matter of incorporation.  Pro’s and con’s were presented, and the final determination was to stay as a simple organization until further action was necessary. No vote was taken, and no opposition from the membership was observed.
Gary Dawson, acting Treasurer, presented the Treasurer’s Report, and it was accepted as prepared.
New business was discussed, including the location for the second annual meeting. No decision was made, however the general consensus was that it should be held a the same time and location as a major petro show.  
The floor was opened for nomination of officers.  Nominations were made, and seconded, for Butch Koff and Larry Hutchens, both to the positions open on the Board of Directors. Both accepted said nominations.  Hearing no further nominations, Buzz closed the nominations. Having no opposition, the officers were appointed for the 1999-2000 term as follows: Buzz Houston-Vice President, Bob Beck-Secretary,  Gary Dawson-Treasurer, Butch Koff and Larry Hutchens-Board of Directors. 
A brief intermission was taken
Meeting was reconvened, and discussion of the next meeting resumed.  The final outcome was indecisive, but conversation centered around the Oil City show, and the Dixie Gas show.
Buzz provided a game for folks to guess the number of Gulf car wash tokens in a jar, with half the proceeds going to the Society, and half to the wining player.  Paul Lewis was the closest without going over, earning $13 for both himself and the Society.
Steve Crosthwait’s wife suggested we all autograph two copies of the first Gulfpride, and send one to Andrea Doucet, and place one in the Society archives.  This suggestion was well received and the copies were signed, and distributed as suggested.
Buzz presented Bob Beck with a plaque in recognition of his efforts with the Society, as well as a gift of a large Gulf wrench.
The auction results were tabulated, and it was announced that the total revenue from the auction was $1007.00.  All but two members who bid were present to pay for their items.  The other two were to be invoiced, and the items shipped at their expense upon payment. (Both members paid, and the items were shipped.)
Buzz selected random names from a hat to receive door prizes, and the meeting a was adjourned at approximately 2:30 PM.

(Note: During the meeting, many other items were discussed, general in nature, all as casual conversation, and none having bearing on Society business, therefore they are not included in these minutes.)

Bob Beck, Sect, GOHS