Text Box: Minutes of the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Gulfoil Historical Society,
July 12th 2003

Vice President Larry Hutchens called the meeting to order at approximately 8:15AM, with 28 members and 2 guests present.

Larry welcomed all to the meeting. The day was partly sunny and mild (80 degrees). The meeting took place in the Arlington Hotel meeting conference room.

Larry congratulated everyone on his or her hard work and effort, in planning the meeting. The meeting location was held in Oil City PA. where a lot of it (OIL) started. There was a swap meet on Friday out side and in many rooms.

Thank you to Gary Dawson and Bob Beck for their hard work in organizing the meeting this year.

Minutes from the last meeting were read and approved as published.

Treasures report was submitted and approved.

Membership renewals were discussed and it was decided that we would continue the annual renewal on the first of the year, giving members a (3) three-month grace period for renewing their membership and a second notice will also be sent before removing them from the mailing of the newsletters.

It has been voted to accept family membership into the GOHS. That would consist of two full members per household receiving one newsletter at the cost of $37.50 per year. This means only $12.50 for the second member who will have full voting privileges. It was also noted that we were not going to change the colors of our Gulf logos to pink or anything like that.

Sec Tres Dale Viers will contact Lloyd Clifton about adding membership expiration dates to the address labels of the newsletter if possible.

Information for the GULFPRIDE Update is needed from all. Please send pictures and stories to Grady Jones. He is doing a wonderful job but can use more input from members.

Nominations for officers were requested. It was decided that officers would hold office for one calendar year (January to January).
Elections were as follows:
Gary Dawson Vice Pres.
Dale Viers Sec Tres.
Grady Jones Editor
Lloyd Clifton Publisher

Board of Directors:
Mike Smyth
Art Gray
Maurice Suggs
Bob Beck
Don Roby
Buzz Houston
W. Clark Miller
Butch Koff
Larry Degenhart

Outgoing officers are to be on the Board of Directors for the coming year. Larry Hutchens decided to be available to the board as needed.

Bob Beck will continue to keep the GOHS web page updated.

Art Gary had the closest guess for the number of tokens in the jar. Artís guess was 342, actual was 348.

Discussion was held regarding location for 6th Annual Meeting. Suggestions were Dixie Tenn., Columbus Ohio, or Hershey Penn. New officers and board will make the decision of the location. They also asked for any volunteers to organize the meeting.

Auction items brought in $1307.75.

50/50 raffle took in $64.00. It was split with the winner Mike Smyth who donated his winning back to the club.

Door prizes were given thru out the meeting.

Larry adjourned the meeting and we all enjoyed a brunch arranged through the hotel.

If I have missed anything, or it is incorrect please let me know.

Respectively submitted:

Dale E. Viers secretary/treasurer