These are photo galleries of some of our member's collections of memorabilia and important GOHS events. Some of the images are quite large so if you have a slow connection, please be patient. For lots of great photos af stations, ships, trucks etc, be sure to visit our GULF FACTS AND RESOURCE CENTER.



Bob Beck, Brackenridge, PA GOHS 14th Bi-Annual Meeting will be held in Dublin Ohio on June 23-24 2017
Wendall Bolin, Murfreesboro TN GOHS 13th Bi-Annual Meeting will be held in Dublin Ohio on June 26-27 2015
Lloyd Clifton, Fayetteville, NC GOHS 12th Bi-Annual Meeting will be held in Dublin Ohio on June 21-22 2013
Alex Colwell, Burford Ontario, non-member BA collector GOHS 11th Bi-Annual Meeting was held in Dublin Ohio June 2011.
Gary Dawson, Canfield, OH GOHS 10th Annual Meeting, Columbus, Ohio June 2009.
Larry Degenhart, Boynton Beach, FL GOHS 9th Annual Meeting in Oklahoma City October 2008 was cancelled.
Errol Eberhart, Allentown, PA No meeting in 2007.
Mikael Estenberg, Sweden GOHS 8th Annual Meeting, Bellville, Texas Sept 2006.
Andy Everetts, Greencastle, PA GOHS 7th Annual Meeting, Columbus, Ohio June 2005.
Rich Gannon, Excelsior MN GOHS 6th Annual Meeting, Columbus, OH, Sept., 2004
Don Gatts, Scio, Ohio GOHS 5th Annual Meeting, Oil City, PA, Sept., 2003 Pictures Needed!
Buzz Houston, Oxford, KS GOHS 4th Annual Meeting, Houston, TX, September 27, 2002
Larry Hutchens, Stuart, VA GOHS 3rd Annual Meeting, Hershey, PA, Sept. 2001
Robert Kastner, Wabash, IN Iowa Gas Gulf Display, Des Moines, IA, Aug., 2001
Butch Koff, Barrington, NJ GOHS 2nd Annual Meeting, Seiverville, TN, Sept. 8, 2000
Bobby Mace, Oak Grove, KY Spindletop 100th Anniversary Celebration, Beaumont TX
Rock Sangiacomo, Utica, NY Landmark Building Dedication, Pittsburgh, PA, Aug., 2002
Larry Senter, Benson NC GOHS Presentation to Drake Well Museum
Mike Smyth, Northampton PA  
Dale Viers, Delta, OH  
Keith Williams, Knoxville, TN  
Charles Warbington, Lawrenceville GA  

If you become a GOHS member and have photos of your collection you would like to add to our site, contact Bob Beck.

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